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Corten House

Corten House: "


Architects from the Studio mk27 Marcio Kogan have constructed a minimalist house located in the city of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The house get the name Corten House by the material reminding weathering steal - “corten”, which is also used on the facade of the house. The atmosphere of the space has been created by a mixture of materials like rusty texture, stone, wood, white mortar and glass. The front door of the garage has been constructed from vertical wooden strips and opens onto the street. The ground floor is designed very simply, so the open space is accentuated. The plan is an open and luminous space with a ceiling height 5,2m. The unique element of the house are four folding doors that open onto exterior and unite separated interior and exterior area. The building affirms the quote: Simplicity is the beauty.



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