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Are You Making These 7 Productivity Mistakes?

Are You Making These 7 Productivity Mistakes?:
You want to get things done. You're keen to be efficient and effective. "Productivity" is your favorite word – and you're working really hard at it. The problem is, if you're going about being productive the wrong way, you might just be setting yourself up to fail.

These are seven common mistakes that people make when they're trying to be more productive. Do any of them sound familiar?

Mistake #1: Cutting Back on Sleep
When you need an extra hour or two in the day, it's very tempting to simply cut back on sleep. You'll even hear productivity gurus advising that you "get up half an hour early" in order to create some extra time.

The problem is, skimping on sleep is going to decrease your productivity. In the short-term, you'll find yourself struggling to focus. You'll work more slowly than usual. In the longer-term, you could end up getting ill more often.

Mistake #2: Multi-Tasking
Although mu…

The Shed / Richard Peters Associates

The Shed / Richard Peters Associates: © Justin Alexander Architects: Richard Peters Associates
Location: , Australia
Project Year: 2010
Project Area: 74 sqm
Photographs: Justin AlexanderTucked away at the end of a lane in the Sydney suburb of Randwick, close to The Spot and in walking distance to Coogee beach, is a 74 sqm simple brick industrial structure built in 1890 by two Irish blacksmiths (brothers) to house their coach building business.Over the past 120 years the building has also operated as a motorcycle repair shop, secondhand washing machine warehouse, a builder’s workshop, and more recently a studio for local artists. Having grown up in the area, one of the owners knew the building well and when it came up for sale in 2003, took a leap of faith and invested in a project that presented an exciting opportunity to develop a smaller, sustainable and more efficient way to live, while challenging the convention that ʻbigger is betterʼ.© Justin Alexander Existing Floor Plan Sus…

Casa 712 / H Arquitectes

Casa 712 / H Arquitectes: © Adria Goula Arquitectos: H Arquitectes (David Lorente, Josep Ricart, Xavier Ros, Roger Tudó)
Ubicación: Gualba, Barcelona, España
Colaboradores: Montse Fornés, arquitecta (Harquitectes) / Anna Bonet, interiorista (Harquitectes) / Iñaki González de Mendiguchia, arquitecto técnico
Promotor: Carmen Guiral, Jorge Efrén Sánchez
Fecha: 2007-2011
Superficie construida: 127.40 m2
Costo de la obra: 120.000€
Constructora: Construcciones Jufraed 2001, S.L.
Fotografías: Adria GoulaLa casa era para una pareja joven sin hijos, con unas demandas programáticas iniciales bastante convencionales, garaje, tres habitaciones, estudio, etc.). La parcela, triangular y de unos 400 m2, formaba parte de una promoción de suelo protegido para autopromotores del Incasòl y estaba sujeta a un calendario fijado para el desarrollo de la casa.© Adria Goula El proceso proyectual se basó en una reducción continúa de las demandas de los clientes, y de nosotros mismos, para disminuir el precio fi…