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Listen Music While Working: Benefits And Inspirational Songs

Listen Music While Working: Benefits And Inspirational Songs: "Anything we do is set by mood. What better way is there to set a mood other than music? When working on a design, we want to get into a groove or a melody of our emotion on that time. Or if we are simply looking for that certain kind of vibe to pump things up. Music lets you express things better – it’s like an outlet of our feelings. Designing, on the other hand is also another form of art. So combined together, it will result to a very influenced product. You can get that type of theme on the design you thirst for.
I know most of us listen to music while working, but that’s not the only point I want to make in this article. You see, we need to get things done the way it should be. To do that, is by setting mood, vibe, groove, passion and energy – which music can contribute a lot.
Ways of using music effectively, as an inspiration to your design:

Pick the right kind of music genre

Get the music that will set you in the …


UNO. Dale a la gente más de lo que esperan recibir y hazlo con alegría.   DOS. Cásate con un hombre/mujer con quien te guste platicar. Conforme envejeces tu sentido por conversar se enriquecerá como cualquier otro.   TRES. No creas todo lo que oyes, no te gastes todo lo que tienes y no duermas todo lo que quieres.   CUATRO. Cuando digas 'te amo', dilo con un profundo sentimiento.   CINCO. Cuando digas 'lo siento' mira a la persona a los ojos.   SEIS. Está comprometido por lo menos seis meses antes de casarte.   SIETE. Cree en el amor a primera vista.   OCHO. Nunca te rías de los sueños de los demás. Las personas que no tiene sueños, no tienen mucho.   NUEVE. Ama profunda y apasionadamente. Puedes salir herido, pero es la única manera de vivir la vida plenamente.   DIEZ. En desacuerdos, pelea justamente. No digas nombres.   ONCE. No juzgues a la gente por sus familiares.   DOCE. Habla con calma y piensa rápido.   TRECE. Cuando alguien te hace una pregunta que tu no deseas contestar…

Corten House

Corten House: "
Architects from the Studio mk27 Marcio Kogan have constructed a minimalist house located in the city of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The house get the name Corten House by the material reminding weathering steal - “corten”, which is also used on the facade of the house. The atmosphere of the space has been created by a mixture of materials like rusty texture, stone, wood, white mortar and glass. The front door of the garage has been constructed from vertical wooden strips and opens onto the street. The ground floor is designed very simply, so the open space is accentuated. The plan is an open and luminous space with a ceiling height 5,2m. The unique element of the house are four folding doors that open onto exterior and unite separated interior and exterior area. The building affirms the quote: Simplicity is the beauty. "

Architect`s house on Cyprus

Architect`s house on Cyprus: "
Greek architect George Papadopoulos from Skinotechniki Architects has designed his own residence house in Lemesos, Cyprus. The house is located in the old town, squeezed in narrow streets only 50 meters away from one of the most popular beaches on the island and features a very nice design. In the past an old mill was standing at this very spot. After the fire in 1989, only remains of walls were left. The goal of the project was to build a house for a family with four children, where every member of the family can have comfort, calm and won`t be limited. The building had to go together with the surroundings; area of stone houses with two floors and some industrial buildings. A mixture of natural materials - wood and stone with glass excites a calming effect. Harmony of this combination has been accentuated by a beautiful garden which enclose the building. Important elements of the house are colours, soft and natural colours, as well as the lighting.…

Point Perry - the minimalist house

Point Perry - the minimalist house: "
A new, completely minimalist house has been contructed on the Sunshine Coast beach in Queensland, Australia and get the name Point Perry. The house is a remodelation of a project from 1990 “Beach House” by Owen and Vokes Architects. New owner has decided to rebuild and extend the original house and to add two other bedrooms, bathrooms and a garage. The existing building, natural topography and new functions of the house have influenced new interconnections between different types of residential space and a garden. The existing house was build on a steep slope surrounded by a bushy green. A new court and entrance have been built to connect the residential parts of the building on the slope and to offer a great view on the garden and ocean. From the street side, a concrete bunker has been built as a garage. Taking advantage a of steep slope, the garage does not need a new access road. A thin line divides the ground plan of the house on half, it …

12 Tools To Reevaluate And Analyze Your Web Design

12 Tools To Reevaluate And Analyze Your Web Design: "Nowadays there are pretty many tools to analyze your site’s code and traffic, but there aren’t that much tools to evaluate design and accessibility. Personally, I think that best ‘tool’ to evaluate web design is other people feedback.
Surprisingly – there are just that type of tools available. Check them out together with some other useful tools and see if your design is easy accessible and practical. In this list less is more, you don’t need to much tools to analyze your web design, just few you really trust.

1. Google Website Optimizer
Google’s free website testing and optimization tool, allows you to increase the value of your existing websites and traffic without spending a cent. Using Website Optimizer to test and optimize site content and design, you can quickly and easily increase revenue and ROI whether you’re new to marketing or an expert.

2. Firefox Accessibility Extension
The Firefox Accessibility Extension makes it easie…

Enciclopedia Británica VS Wikipedia

Enciclopedia Británica VS Wikipedia: "Cuando enfrentamos una enciclopedia tradicional, confeccionada por expertos, y una enciclopedia digital, colaborativa, confeccionada por todos, no sólo estamos comparando la antigüedad con la modernidad ni la meritocracia con la democracia. También estamos estableciendo una comparación entre inteligencia individual e inteligencia colectiva y emergente. Así pues ¿quién gana?En Genciencia he afirmado más de una vez que las personas pueden ser inteligentes pero que la masa, el grupo, no lo es tanto. Sin embargo, hay que matizar esta afirmación, sobre todo en el tema que nos ocupa. La crítica principal que se vierte contra las enciclopedias tipo wiki es que se basan en el siguiente postulado: “una realidad en la que, si un número suficiente de gente se cree algo, ese algo se convierte en la verdad”.Y esto es verdad hasta cierto punto. Porque una wiki se basa en la colaboración de todos: la simple democracia del pensamiento es lo que determina que…