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Mostrando las entradas de febrero, 2010

MON Factory/House / EASTERN Design Office

MON Factory/House / EASTERN Design Office: "© Koichi Torimura
Architects: EASTERN Design Office + HOJO Structure Research Institute

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Client: Morita MON factory

Site Area: 236.90 sqm

Total Floor Area: 259.78 sqm

Project Year: 2007

Photographs: Koichi Torimura

The holes are lined up on a cross shape. The hole is made on the architecture like the perforated line. This architecture is “House with Crest”.
A light that penetrates into the architecture always moves and never stays. It is a symbolical spectacle. A light that goes through the hole is projected in a circle shape, moves unlimitedly, and never stays. Occasionally, it disappears, and it appears.
situation plan
The site is located in Gojo, Kyoto. It is in a block of the typical division of a traditional residential area in Kyoto. The site faces the busy street of 4m in width on the west side. The backside of the high-rise buildings of 45m line up on the east side of the site. The neighbor houses are closely built in…