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Listen Music While Working: Benefits And Inspirational Songs

Listen Music While Working: Benefits And Inspirational Songs: "

Anything we do is set by mood. What better way is there to set a mood other than music? When working on a design, we want to get into a groove or a melody of our emotion on that time. Or if we are simply looking for that certain kind of vibe to pump things up. Music lets you express things better – it’s like an outlet of our feelings. Designing, on the other hand is also another form of art. So combined together, it will result to a very influenced product. You can get that type of theme on the design you thirst for.

I know most of us listen to music while working, but that’s not the only point I want to make in this article. You see, we need to get things done the way it should be. To do that, is by setting mood, vibe, groove, passion and energy – which music can contribute a lot.

Ways of using music effectively, as an inspiration to your design:

  • Pick the right kind of music genre

Get the music that will set you in the right mood. You wouldn’t be playing melodramatic music when working on a hiphop design right? It’s important to set the music into the theme. Keep in mind that, the music will reflect on the result of your design.

After you conceptualize and gather more ideas for your visual design, a great type of music would accompany you feel that concept.

For example :

  • Happy theme – Up beat music ( trance, disco, house)

  • Futuristic theme – Electronic ( electronica, progressive)

  • Calm theme – Relaxing music (acoustic, instrumentals)

And so on…

It has been proven for many years and is a fact, that music can stimulate creativity. The right music will get your blood pumping and your brain working.

  • Get moving into the rhythm

What I mean is move according to the rhythm. Don’t just bop your head and tap your feet, do something related to what you are basically doing. Move your hand stroke to the rhythm of the music. Before you know it, you’ve finished your design. Time flies fast when your working. Even more if you’re enjoying music while working.

  • Faster music means more energy – will make you create vivid, sturdy, smooth designs.

  • Slower, idyllic music could make you create cautious, embellish, slick designs.

You may have noticed when you dance to music – the faster the tempo, the energetic the moves or steps you make.

Just like in designing, upbeat music makes you create bold designs and downbeat music creates detailed, sophisticated designs.

  • Keep your energy up

The thing is, listening to a single genre can get boring when it’s played too much. The technique is to get as much music as possible and shuffle with some cool, slow jams. You wont have to listen to the same arrangement of the tracks the whole time you’re working. You can try mixing songs from different genres.

For example, if you are working on a sunny, vibrant visual design. You can stuff your happy playlist with songs from Bonnie Bailey, Bob Marley, Katy Perry, Diana King – Mix house music with some RnB, pop & reggae (or any song that makes you feel alive).

Here are a few of my personal choices:

1.) Daft Punk – One More Time

2.) Bob Marley – Don’t Worry Be Happy

3.) Kris Allen – Live Like We’re Dying

4.) Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

5.) No Doubt – Hella Good

6. Cooler Than Me – Mike Posner

7. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars

8. Ever After – Bonnie Bailey

9. Feelin’ So Good – J.Lo

10. I Like It – Enrique Iglesias

11. Smooth – Santana Featuring Rob Thomas

12. All I Do is Win – DJ Khaled featuring Ludacris, Rick Ross, T-Pain & Snoop Dogg

13. Know Your Enemy – Green Day

*The tracks listed above are of my personal choice. I do respect if we don’t share the same taste in music. It’s a free world and everybody has a place to express. For those who appreciate, thanks and enjoy working!

Tweeted Recommendations:

1.)Bruce Springsteen – Jungleland

by Thom Holman

2.)Bliss n Eso – Eye of the Storm

by thinkontheclock

3.) Red hot chili peppers – Scare tissue

by champico

4.) Wolf Like Me – TV On The Radio

by steddie1

5.) I’m Not Alone (Instrumental) by Calvin Harris

by teddybradford

6.) 7/4 Shoreline – Broken Social Scene

by RobErskine13

7.) Crawling – Linkin Park

by sethalling

8.) My Sharona – The Knack

by taqarrabie

9.) Why you’d lie to me – Anastacia

by musingspuntoit

10.) Astronomy – Metallica

by Operaatoors

11.) Thunderstruck – AC/DC

by alanhornedotcom

12.) D-Block & S-Te-Fan – Music Made Addict

by marcofolio

13.) Pushing me Away – Linkin Park

by tuffix

14.) Heliosphan – Aphex Twin

by cjcorney

15.) Domination – Way out West

by JenSuperhug

16.) Right here, right now – Fat Boy Slim

by robertwojo

17.) The Flight Of Apollo – Angels And Airwaves

by izzataziz

* Thank you for contributing!


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UNO. Dale a la gente más de lo que esperan recibir y hazlo con alegría.  
DOS. Cásate con un hombre/mujer con quien te guste platicar. Conforme envejeces tu sentido por conversar se enriquecerá como cualquier otro.  
TRES. No creas todo lo que oyes, no te gastes todo lo que tienes y no duermas todo lo que quieres.  
CUATRO. Cuando digas 'te amo', dilo con un profundo sentimiento.  
CINCO. Cuando digas 'lo siento' mira a la persona a los ojos.  
SEIS. Está comprometido por lo menos seis meses antes de casarte.  
SIETE. Cree en el amor a primera vista.  
OCHO. Nunca te rías de los sueños de los demás. Las personas que no tiene sueños, no tienen mucho.  
NUEVE. Ama profunda y apasionadamente. Puedes salir herido, pero es la única manera de vivir la vida plenamente.  
DIEZ. En desacuerdos, pelea justamente. No digas nombres.  
ONCE. No juzgues a la gente por sus familiares.  
DOCE. Habla con calma y piensa rápido.  
TRECE. Cuando alguien te hace una pregunta que tu no deseas contestar, sonríe y pregúntale 'porque quiere saber eso'.  
CATORCE. Recuerda que un gran amor y grandes retos siempre envuelven un gran riesgo.  
QUINCE. Di salud cuando siempre que escuches a alguien estornudar.  
DIECISEIS. Cuando pierdas, no pierdas la lección, aprende.  
DIECISIETE. Recuerda las tres R´s: Respeto por ti mismo; Respeto por los demás y Responsabilidad por todos tus actos.  
DIECIOCHO. No permitas que una pequeña disputa lastime una gran amistad.  
DIECINUEVE. Cuando te des cuenta que has cometido un error, toma inmediatamente acciones para corregirlo.  
VEINTE. Sonríe cuando tomes el teléfono para contestar una llamada, la persona que llama lo podrá sentir en tu voz.  
VEINTIUNO. Pasa algún tiempo solo.